A guide for where to find First Order Blasters from the TIE Fighter Crash Sites in the newest Star Wars x Fortnite collaboration.

Fortnite Chapter 2 was home to a Star Wars Rise Of The Skywalker event this weekend that was – to be diplomatic – just terrible thanks to server woes and other issues. However, while virtual J.J Abrams was a huge disappointment, Battle Royale fans still have some exciting challenges to complete which include dealing damage with a First Order Blaster Rifle. In this walkthrough you’ll discover where to find the weapons from the TIE Fighter Crash Sites and how to use them.

Although the newest batch of Star Wars movies aren’t particularly loved with many treating The Last Jedi as worse than the god-awful “I hate sand” Attack Of The Clones, fans have still been pleased with Epic Games adding Rey and Finn skins to Fortnite. After all, who doesn’t like the no-nonsense Daisy Ridley?

But, aside from the skins, the most exciting aspect of the collaboration is a new set of challenges which include dealing damage with First Order Blasters as well as Lightsabers. Below you’ll discover how to wield the former.

Where to find First Order Blasters in Fortnite

You can find First Order Blasters in the Fortnite x Star Wars challenges from the TIE Fighter Crash Sites.

This means you can find and get Blasters from either of the TIE Fighter Crash Sites from the below locations:

  • South west of Sweaty Sands

  • East of Salty Springs

  • North of Retail Row on the small mountain

  • South East of Slurp Swamp

You’ll want to ensure that you are equipped and fully prepared before you approach any of the above destinations. After all, you will be attacked by a dozen Stormtroopers who will – eventually – deal great amounts of damage.

How to get and use a Blaster in Fortnite

You need to kill a Stormtrooper from Star Wars in order to get and use a First Order Blaster in Fortnite.

The First Order Blaster has unlimited ammunition, but it comes with the con of providing bad accuracy.

Even if you’ve never endured a single Star Wars movie, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the abundance of jokes about Stormtroopers not being able to shoot moving or still targets.

But, while its accuracy is comically poor, it’s still a decent enough weapon for continually shooting.

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