Some Call Of Duty Modern Warfare fans have complained about the blue laser and bullets from the Cerulean Assault Rifle.

Call Of Duty is one of the biggest series in the gaming industry, and this year’s Modern Warfare is the number one Christmas video game despite competition from the likes of FIFA. Infinity Ward is continuing Season One, but some fans are less than thrilled about the addition of a blue laser and bullets via the Cerulean Assault Rifle.

There’s been numerous complaints about Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season One as gamers were annoyed by the removal of Shoot House 24/7 (which was later reinstalled thanks to the backlash) and fans are now unhappy about the “unplayable” Shipment map.

While the latest map has a certain number of fans vexed, the addition of a blue laser and bullets has also annoyed plenty of people, too.

How to get the blue laser and bullets in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

You must buy the Nikto Operator bundle for 2,400 CoD Points to get the blue laser and bullets in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

The blue laser and bullets are tracer rounds that are a part of the Cerulean Assault Rifle. Unfortunately, you can only acquire this weapon by purchasing the complete bundle.

Below is everything the Nikto Operator bundle comes packed with:

  • Blue Dwarf pistol

  • Cerulean assault rifle

  • Embers calling card

  • Father Time watch

  • Masked Watch emblem

  • Negotiation knife

  • Right Tool operator clip

  • The Fix finishing move

  • 1 Tier Skip battle pass

“The game is going to get worse”

Some Call Of Duty Modern Warfare fans are not pleased about the introduction of blue bullets/tracer rounds.

Plenty have joked that it’s a cosmetic more befitting of Star Wars or G.I Joe, whereas others have complained that the bullets and lasers are simply distracting and immersion breaking.

A Reddit user named Sajmon_Says has echoed the complaints of many in the community by stating that the blue tracer rounds provide an “unfair advantage” as they obstruct people’s vision.

In addition to the above complaints, some fans are simply annoyed that the bundle costs a third of the game’s full retail price for a new character and a light show.

The biggest complaints amongst the disgruntled members of the Call Of Duty community appear to be that the lights are supposedly childish and that they are blinding in gunfights. This has resulted in accusations that the game is becoming worse thanks to a weapon that is essentially pay-to-win.

With that being said, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether the Nikto bundle is worth the money and if the Cerulean Assault Rifle is something you want to use.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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