The value of free games provided by PS Plus shows why all PlayStation 4 owners should subscribe to the service for January 2020.

The year 2019 has been fantastic for video games in general with releases such as Pokémon Sword and Shield and Disco Elysium, but it’s also been a great year for PS Plus subscribers thanks to rewards such as Nioh and Darksiders 3. If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner who hasn’t subscribed to the service ever or simply for next year, then the shocking value of free games provided should convince you to become a member for January 2020.

PlayStation Plus has largely been terrific the past few months through providing subscribers with a bountiful of highly revered titles such as Darksiders 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Nioh and The Last Of Us Remastered. No one knows what the free games are for January 2020 as of writing, but expectations are naturally high.

So, if you haven’t renewed your PS Plus subscription or you simply haven’t been a subscriber ever, then you may want to think about changing just that.

Why PS4 players should subscribe to PS Plus for January 2020

PS4 players should subscribe to PS Plus for January 2020 thanks to the value of free games the service provides.

While it doesn’t offer as many titles as Games With Gold, Polygon have shared that the total value of PS Plus games for 2019 is $894.

A 12-month PS Plus subscription costs only $59.99, so the above total shows that PlayStation 4 loyalists are receiving a lot of bang for their buck.

A massive incentive for getting PS Plus is to play games online against mates and people around the world, but the total value of free games also shows that the service is worthwhile for people who are only interested in single-player experiences.

The above value of games is even more captivating when considering the titles Sony have given away for “free”.

  • Portal Knights

  • Steep

  • For Honor

  • Hitman: The Complete First Season

  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

  • The Witness

  • Conan Exiles

  • The Surge

  • Overcooked!

  • What Remains Of Edith Finch

  • Borderlands The Handsome Collection

  • Sonic Mania

  • Detroit Become Human

  • Horizon Chase Turbo

  • Sniper Elite 4

  • Omega Wipeout Collection

  • Batman Arkham Knight

  • Darksiders 3

  • MLB The Show 19

  • The Last Of Us Remastered

  • Nioh

  • Outlast 2

  • Monster Energy Supercross

  • Titanfall 2

While not all of the above PS Plus games will have been new or enticing to you, there’s no denying that the service offers a rich variety of games to experiment with and play for the additional cost of nada.

Even if you don’t think you’re interested in one of the free games offered by PS Plus, there’s ultimately no harm in trying as they don’t cost anything extra to download and own.

The Last Of Us and Batman are the standout titles from name value alone, but the best PS Plus offerings for 2019 have been For Honor, The Witness, What Remains Of Edith Finch, Horizon Chase Turbo, MLB The Show 19 and Nioh.

As games with caveats such as being extremely difficult, multiplayer only, puzzle-focused or a walking simulator, the above titles are the best sort of games PS Plus offers as they allow the usually uninterested to enjoy an experience they wouldn’t have paid for.

And it’s future experimentations and surprising experiences such as these which show why you should subscribe to PS Plus in January 2020 even if you don’t care about online features and gameplay.

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