A simple how to fix guide for the Fortnite stuck on loading screen conundrum for PS4 and Xbox One.

There was a New Year’s live event in Fortnite to celebrate the arrival of 2020, but with a new year arises familiar issues as some players are complaining about being stuck on the loading screen for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This isn’t the only issue at the moment as some players are also seeking to fix an annoying glitch that has caused empty stockings to appear in the Winterfest Cabin.

While empty stockings are as bad as receiving coal or dog turd from Santa for Christmas, this article will strictly try and help you to fix the issue with being stuck on the Fortnite loading screen.

How to fix: Fortnite stuck on loading screen for PS4 and Xbox One

You just need to turn your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console off and on to fix the Fortnite stuck on loading screen dilemma.

According to various users on Twitter, they have been getting stuck on the loading screen while trying to join sessions.

This issue can only be fixed by restarting your console and attempting to play the game again without any annoying intrusions.

We know this fix is the most basic strategy that was even used to resolve the internet in South Park, but it’s all that can be done and it does allow you to join sessions again without being stuck on the loading screen for 15-minutes or longer.

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However, if restarting your preferred console doesn’t work for you, then the only other solution is to simply delete and re-download Fortnite.

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