Silent Witness has returned for a 23rd series with plenty of familiar faces making an appearance.

Despite entering its 23rd series, BBC One’s Silent Witness remains as popular as ever with millions expected to have tuned in to January 7th’s premiere episode.

The series, which follows a team of forensic pathologists, is packed full of fascinating twists and turns and has hooked audiences for over two decades.

As it’s been running for so long, however, we’ve seen plenty of cast members come and go and with the newly released series, fans have been introduced to Adjoa Andoh, a veteran of British TV who you’re bound to recognise from something.

Adjoa plays the character DI Nina Rosen, a detective who is leading the investigation at the scene of a harrowing plane crash.

Silent Witness returns for series 23

Silent Witness returned to our screens with a bang on Tuesday, January 7th as Nikki and her team of forensic pathologists were taken very much out of their comfort zone when tasked with investigating a crashed private jet, belonging to the former US Ambassador, Jonathan Kraft.

Kraft was a long-time friend and colleague of Nikki’s boyfriend, Matt, and she’s given the unpleasant task of breaking the news to her partner.

While Nikki surveys the scene of the crash alongside new arrival Detective Inspector Nina Rosen, Thomas is called to the scene of an apparent suicide but it quickly becomes apparent that the two incidents could, in fact, be connected.

Who is Adjoa Andoh and what’s her role in the episode?

Adjoa Andoh takes on the role of DI Nina Rosen in the first episode of Silent Witness’s 23rd series. 

Nina is leading the investigation into the plane crash and is frequently in contact with the forensic team to work out what happened and will no doubt play a key role in episode 2 as well.

What else has Adjoa Andoh been in?

Adjoa Andoh is an acting veteran and has worked in the industry for 30 years.

The 56-year-old actress made her debut in the BBC soap opera EastEnders and appeared in four episodes between 1990 and 1991.

Since then, however, she has gone on to appear in over 75 film and TV roles, according to IMDb.

Her most prominent work on the small screen has come in the likes of Casualty where she appeared in 98 episodes between 1993 and 2003, Doctor Who where she played Martha Jones’ mother, Francine, between 2007 and 2008 and also works in a voice role in the ITV animated series Thunderbirds Are Go.

On the big screen, Adjoa has appeared alongside the likes of Morgan Freeman in the Oscar-nominated film Invictus, Sam Worthington in the Netflix original Fractured and Tony Curran in In the Dark Half.

Adjoa Andoh is set to appear in episode 2 of Silent Witness’s 23rd series when it airs at 9pm on BBC One on January 8th.   

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