We’re sure you’ll agree that Night on Earth is thoroughly addictive television.

Night on Earth has cast a spell over audiences, but is season 2 on the cards?

Netflix has already spoilt subscribers this year…

We’ve had new seasons of popular favourites such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, gripping new drama series like The Stranger and critically-acclaimed films like the Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems

However, the most mind-blowing offering so far is arguably the nature documentary series Night on Earth. 

Over an exhilarating six episodes, the Emmy-winning Samira Wiley takes us on a nocturnal journey as our humble narrator through moonlit plains to sleepless cities, exploring nightlife out in the wild with cutting edge technology. 

It truly feels like something unmistakably new, and yes, we want more already!

Night on Earth: Season 2 confirmed?

No, Night on Earth season 2 has not been confirmed. 

As highlighted by The Cinemaholic, it was actually conceived as a miniseries. 

Although we’ve seen miniseries’ resurrected for another season in the past, it’s much more likely that the creators of this will go on to pursue other – but perhaps similar – projects. 

It would be a huge shock if they decided to work on new episodes, but the source predicts that even then, we wouldn’t be getting them until at least 2022. 

Oh well – at least the current series is good enough to demand repeat viewings!

Audiences praise Night on Earth 

So far, so many audiences have flocked to Twitter to celebrate Night on Earth and its astonishing achievements. 

Check out a selection of tweets: 






Want more Night on Earth? Check these out!

If you’ve already raced through the series, then you’ll definitely want to check out Night on Earth: Shot In the Dark, which is an hour-long behind the scenes look into the making of the show. 

It really helps you appreciate just how extraordinary the equipment is that was used, as well as what the equipment so breathtakingly captured, of course. 

There are a number of exciting nature documentaries to check out (if you haven’t seen them already) on Netflix UK right now. Here is a selection:

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