The end for PS Vue has happened on January 30th and here you’ll find an explanation for why it’s been shut down.

Sony announced last year that doomsday was coming for the PlayStation Vue app on January 30th, 2020. This was disappointing news for subscribers at $55 month as it allowed them to watch a ton of channels and sports networks such as the NFL, NFL RedZone, and NBA TV. With its death having already happened by the time you read this, you’re probably wanting to know why Sony decided to shut it down.

There are still ways you’ll be able to watch the NFL Superbowl 2020 on your PS4. One of these ways includes PlayStation Vue’s successor.

Keep reading to discover why Sony has decided to shut down PS Vue, leaving subscribers needing to find another subscription network.

Why is PS Vue shutting down?

Sony officially decided to shut down PlayStation Vue because “the highly competitive Pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, ” was slower to change than they had expected.

According to The Information (via Tech Hive), PS Vue only had 500,000 subscribers and was losing money. This amount of subscribers was considerably low considering you didn’t need a PS4 or PS3 console to subscribe and enjoy.

Despite the disappearance of PS Vue being disappointing for the few who had actually subscribed to it, there is the good news that YouTube TV has come to PS4 in its stead.

Similar to the now deceased Sony subscription, YouTube TV costs $49.99 a month. It has over 70+ TV channels to watch live content from, and this includes the following:

  • AMC

  • ESPN

  • Disney Channel

  • Fox

  • Fox Sports

  • NBC

YouTube TV is one of the ways you’ll be able to watch the NFL Superbowl 2020 on your PS4. So, if you were worried about missing out because of the demise of PS Vue, you needn’t threat as YouTube has you covered.

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