A recent petition for Red Dead Online encourages players to show their support in demanding that Rockstar Games fix the multiplayer mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best single-player experiences to have been released in the past decade, but its Online counterpart has been more divisive and scrutinised. Sure, it’s incredibly popular, but the Moonshiners update hasn’t stopped people complaining about dozens of issues. And now a petition has started circling around the web asking people to sign to show their support in demanding Rockstar Games fix the mode.

Rockstar Games will deliver another update for Red Dead Online soon. This comes courtesy of the daily and weekly resets, but a lot of fans are fatigued and no longer interested thanks to issues that continue to be ignored.

If you’re a disgruntled cowboy who wants a better Westworld experience to get lost in, below you’ll discover everything you need to know about the recent petition being spread about.

Red Dead Online petition

There’s a Red Dead Online petition on change.org that asks Rockstar Games to fix the multiplayer mode.

It also asks for better communication from Rockstar Games as the petition claims the community is largely left in the dark with only pointless and “laughable gift packages” being offered.

When mentioning specific problems with the Online mode, the Petition says that the game is broken as players sometimes need “to take multiple steps just to be able to play the game properly”.

The lack of fixes has incensed the petition creator largely because Rockstar Games continually “refuse to address any problems” while simultaneously bragging about “Record Breaking Numbers”.

In a last attempt at encouraging players to show their dissatisfaction, the petition ends with the following battle cry:

“I’m asking all PLAYERS to band together and send a message to Rockstar by using the feedback forum for Red Dead Online and to sign this petition. Nothing will change if players don’t voice their opinions.

I know we all love and respect Red Dead Online as well as the community. That’s why I see this as such an important task not just for Rockstar but for us players as well.”

You can sign the Communication for actual fixes to Rockstar’s Red Dead Online Mode petition by clicking here. Its target is 15,000 and it has received 13,094 signatures as of writing.