A simple guide for how to chip shot in FIFA 20 on Xbox One and PS4 so you can embarrass any goalkeeper.

Electronic Arts have released patch 11 for FIFA 20. This update comes with Ultimate Team and Career Mode fixes, along with 24 new squad heads. However, away from this patch, lots of football hooligans seem to be confused about how to do chip shots on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Just so you don’t go ballooning the ball onto the top of the net like Jesse Lingard against Watford, this brief guide will help you to effectively pull-off the difficult trick shot.

There are lots of tricks in FIFA 20 that will make you a better player be it online or against the AI. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t always do a terrific job in teaching you how to successfully perform these moves, so this article will try to help when it comes to the chip shot.

After all, it’s a great way of scoring both easy and difficult goals that leave the opposing goalkeeper red-faced and wanting to bury their head in the sand.

How to do a chip shot in FIFA 20 on Xbox One

You must hold LB and press B (or the shoot button) to perform a chip shot in FIFA 20 on Xbox One.

A chip shot is possible from anywhere on the pitch, but your best chances at scoring are – of course – inside the penalty box.

The easiest way to score a chip shot is by being one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Run at them until they dive at your feet and then press the above commands to dink the ball over their body and into the back of the net.

However, if you’re trying to humiliate an online opponent into rage quitting, you’ll want to exploit the fact that so many FIFA 20 players foolishly rush their goalkeepers off the goal line far too quickly.

Successfully perform a through ball to any attacking player to put them one-on-one and when the goalkeeper rushes too far out simply chip the ball over the top of them.

How to do a chip shot in FIFA 20 on PS4

You must hold L1 and press circle (or the shoot button) to perform a chip shot in FIFA 20 on PS4.

The same principles for performing a chip shot on Xbox One apply to PlayStation 4 players.

Either dink the ball over the goalkeeper when they’re diving at your feet or chip the ball over the top of them when they’re too far off the goal line.

And that’s all you need to know about how to execute a chip shot in FIFA 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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