We’ve all seen it, the gun gestures, hips rolling and even a fair bit of twerking to TikTok’s latest challenge ‘Get The Gat’. So what’s it all about?

TikTok, like many other social media apps, connects users from all over the world.

And as we all know by now, once a challenge kicks off somewhere, it doesn’t take long for these things to go viral.

The latest craze to take over TikTok is the ‘Get The Gat’ challenge. The challenge sees TikTok users from all over dancing around their bedrooms.

Let’s take a look at ‘Hit the Gat’, or, ‘Get The Gat’, whatever the recognisable TikTok song is called…

Who created the ‘Get The Gat’ Challenge?

The Get The Gat Challenge was created by Hip Hop and Rap artist Subtweet Shawn. Follow Shawn on Instagram where he has over 55,000 followers @subtweet1.

In a YouTube video from January 5th 2020, Shawn explains that the Get The Gat Challenge never started out as a challenge as such.

Shawn was asked to come up with a tune for Louisiana State University’s American Football team and now the song and dance has now become the unofficial anthem of LSU for 2019-2020.

See the original LSU locker room video here.


TikTok: What is ‘Hit The Gat’?

Although the song that everyone is dancing to is called ‘Get The Gat’, it looks like some listeners may have mistaken the song title for ‘Hit The Gat’. 

The TikTok song was created by Legendary DJs ft. Lil ELT. Listen to ‘Get The Gat’ via Spotify or Apple Music.

Legendary DJs are a group famous for albums such as I Love New Orleans Bounce. Lil ELT, or Elton Newman, hails from New Orleans and had huge success with ‘Get The Gat’ when it came out in 1992.

What is a ‘gat’?

According to Urban Dictionary, a ‘gat’ is a slang term for a gun.

In the same way that 50 Cent uses the catchphrase ‘Get The Strap’, we can assume that ‘Get The Gat’ has pretty much the same meaning.

So, by looking at the phrase ‘get the gat’ we can now understand the correlation between the mirage of trigger fingers being shown in TikTok videos and this song!