A guide for how to fix bee and wasp stings in Animal Crossing New Horizons so your character can return to looking normal.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has already smashed record sales in the United Kingdom meaning plenty of people are starting to create their own virtual paradise. Unfortunately, when shaking a tree or whacking at one with a flimsy axe, you’ve no doubt been unsuspectingly greeted by an angry swarm of bees and wasps that only want to sting you. This results in your face looking like Quasimodo, but you can fix your appearance easily.

In addition to being able to fix your appearance easily after being on the receiving end of a bee and wasp sting, you can also prevent yourself from being stung by crafting a net. If you shake a tree and a bunch of nasty buggers fall out of it, simply run to get a bit of distance, get the net out and then capture them. This’ll result in you getting a wasp which you can then donate to either Tom Nook or Blather to eventually build the museum.

However, if you do get stung, below you’ll discover how to fix your person’s appearance.

How to fix bee and wasp sting in Animal Crossing New Horizons

You can just time travel to the next day to fix a bee and wasp sting in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

However, if you’ve got plenty to do and don’t want to skip to the next day, the more practical way to fix your character’s face after being stung is by getting medicine.

Medicine can be bought from the Nook inside the Resident Services centre, or you can instead gather the DIY recipe and craft your own cure.

How to craft medicine in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The DIY recipe is needed before you can craft medicine in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

One way to get the DIY recipe for medicine in Animal Crossing New Horizons is by speaking to your fellow villagers after being stung.

This’ll result in one of them talking about your hideous face and giving you the DIY recipe so you can stop scaring them.

Once you’ve gotten the DIY recipe, you can then craft medicine inside the Resident Services Centre for the price of nada.

The materials you need to craft medicine are as follows:

  • One wasp nest
  • Three clumps of weeds

And that’s all there is to fixing your face in Animal Crossing New Horizons after being stuck by a swarm of bees/wasps.

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