The latest Instagram challenge has been revealed.

Going into self-isolation has created a window for many new trends on social media. As more people across the world choose to stay at home, some have come up with fun challenges to make the quarantine period more bearable. 

From toilet paper filters on Snapchat to coronavirus songs on TikTok, users have gone crazy about creating content on social media. And we’re all here for it.

So, what’s the ‘Only Until Tomorrow’ challenge about? Here’s the latest Instagram trend explained!

‘Only Until Tomorrow’ challenge: What does the caption mean?

The latest challenge on Instagram sees users post weird and cringey pictures of themselves for the next 24 hours. They then caption their photos with #UntilTomorrow or #OnlyUntilTomorrow.

The rules to join the trend are pretty simple – the more embarrassing the photo, the better! The snaps are also available for the next day, so people are allowed to delete them after that.

As people go under quarantine for their safety, hilarious challenges are one of the ways to brighten up the days at home. 

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‘Only Until Tomorrow’ challenge: How to do it

To do it, someone on Instagram has to nominate you for the challenge.

Once you accept it, you have to share a hilarious snap of yourself and use the hashtag #onlyuntiltomorrow so that others can also see your posts. 

And don’t forget to delete the snap after 24 hours – that’s why the challenge is called only until tomorrow!

Some have, however, forgotten to delete their pics after 24 hours, as the trend gains more and more popularity, the likes keep climbing.

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Twitter reacts to ‘Only Until Tomorrow’ 

Although the trend has gone viral on Instagram, it looks like Twitter isn’t having any of it. 

Many have voiced their opinion on the new trend, and they ain’t happy. One Twitter user has even contemplated deleting their Instagram account!

Check out some of the best responses to the ‘Only Until Tomorrow’ trend on Twitter…